#whatijustlove Shoes


Hello world!

Here I am, “at your feet”  at the Dubai Mall sharing with you one of my instagramies. I really love shoes, well shoes and bags. For sure bags will get their own zillion posts from me, hehehe.

Men don’t understand why us love so much this two accessories and why we cant never have enough. When I moved to Dubai I bought a closet for my shoes. It is quite big and if I am not too wrong it could hold around 40 pairs. Well, a year later I need a new shoe closet already!! and believe me I am behaving a lot, taking into account the shopping malls here.

Did you know that the oldest shoe found so far is  a sandal from 10,500 years ago? It belong to a native North American, who made it out of the bark of a sagebrush plant. Wow! 10.500 years ago!

And did you know that initially no one wore shoes unless the surrounding ground was rocky, very hot or had poisonous insects?.Later, shoes were worn by rich and powerful people only, and were seen as a symbol of status and authority. So for example, no slave could wear them. All this must have got ingrained in our behavior somehow, so there you have a possible explanation why we like them so much.

At the end of the day, we have Cinderella, Dorothy from OZ and Louboutin to fantasize!

Well, I just want to say..  If the shoe fits, wear it!





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