Jordan Part 1

Good day to all!

I wanted to write one post a day while staying in Jordan, but.. me being tired, us being all around, and three the some many things to do, got me busy and a bit far from my dear blog and my dear readers.

The good thing.. plenty of new and fresh content, specially if you are planning to go to Jordan. Our trip has been of 5 nights and the hotels were located in Amman, Dead Sea and Petra. From those places we did all the excursions. Some pics were also uploaded in my Instagram account (gallegoara).

Jordan is a very friendly country, from the airport to the guys at the petrol stations all are happy to see you and they even try to speak your language (in our case Spanish, but we must be very stylish that they took us for Italians a good number of times, hahaha!).

We arrived to Amman late in the night and decided to stay the first night in the city. On arrival at the Queen Alia we rented a car. It is fairly safe to drive here (only Amman is a bit more chaotic). The wheel is on the left, so same as in Spain, UAE and USA. One piece of advise, rent the GPS, even though everywhere the signs are in Arabic and English, it is a guarantee that you will arrive where you were meant to.

Our Hotel in Amman was not great, it was a 4 star hotel but not the same standard that we might be used to. If your budget allows, go for 5 Stars or international hotel chains. Stars here have a different meaning.

In the morning we headed to Jerash. The old Gerasa. This roman city is very well preserved and you can visit the hippodrome, the cardo maximo (main avenue of those times), the Hadrian Arch (reconstructed but still impressive), the forum, the theatres, the many  churches (yesss.. when Jordan became part of Byzantium the temples changed bosses but not uses!). The place is amazing and it is not far from Amman.

Here you have some pics to see.

Theatre (South if I am not too wrong).

Theatre (South if I am not too wrong).

Theatre (Stage)

Theatre (Stage)

Cardo Maximo

This is only what we did on our first day.. More post about this trip are to come!



Sorry for the silence, I am working on Self hosting the blog and it is more complicated that what I thought.

Also holiday time is back! This time the lucky winner is Jordan. Hubby and me will be going, starting tomorrow, to Amman, Jerash, Dead Sea, Petra and Wadirum (the place where they shot the film Lawrence of Arabia).

Jordan is very appealing so I will bring plenty of pics and posts from there.
Where are you planning your next scape?



#What I just love THE A. NUAIMI BAG


I found this gorgeous bag in the shop Moda Outlet in JBR. The Designer is Al Nuaimi and has different colours.. Of course, now I choose the yellow… I love the brightness and joy that this colour brings to any look. Truth is that it is not for shy people. It is an outstanding piece of go-get- it attitude!



OK, these boots are just gorgeous! at least to meee!

They go straight to the top of the Wishlist. Thank God the Sales are coming soon!! Not everything is terrible in summer in Dubai!

This shoes you can find at the Moda Outlet in The Walk in JBR, a new shop I discover recently. Just make sure you don’t have a 36!!



#whatIjustlove Louboutin creations

The beginnings.. Louboutin

I came across this video (in the link above) with the origins of Christian Louboutin. I just loved it and have to share it !

I personally don’t own (as yet) any of his shoes, they are part of my wish list though!

Kudos for him, for his passion and for the beautiful results of his creativity!

If you have the chance, check his online shop and his Loubi World Madness. It is so original to see the designer with this hindu- hypnotique look. He might need to breath though as he appears with a blue face (Ganesh reminiscence but with no trunk).

Here you have the links. Be patient, it takes a bit of time to load, but it is worthy. I guess all the moving objects and images make it heavy.

Which one  is your favorite shoe of the collection?

Kudos for you too if you manage to choose only one!


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